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South Cypress enjoys interviewing A&D professionals who enjoy speaking about career development, certifications, firm culture, and A&D industry topics.

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The South Cypress Podcast

#9 Mickey Davis | giving back, living with intention, connecting to community
#8 Tim O’Brien | hybrid workplace culture, ergonomics, developing relationships, how furniture works
#7 Ryan Misner | culture of mentorship, attracting talent, internships, Samford design program
#6 Mary-Claire Brown | NCIDQ certification: Studying, Testing, and Why it’s Important
#5 Liz Hunsicker | IIDA Advocacy and Diversity, Transition From Designer To Rep, Tips For Working With Reps, Best Practices for Reps, and the Importance of Community
#4 Seth Rodwell | Composers of community design, sustainability, attainable housing, approachable design, firm culture, Nequette’s design approach
#3 Koby Thompson | The story of element526, overcoming adversity, what makes great hospitality design, advice for new designers
#2 Leslie McClenny Discusses Evidence Based Design
#1 Sammi Woronoff | President-Elect of IIDA-AL Discusses Networking For Interior Designers