#3 Koby Thompson | The story of element526, overcoming adversity, what makes great hospitality design, advice for new designers

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Koby Thompson is the Principal at element526, an award winning hospitality-focused interior design firm in Birmingham, AL. They were recently recognized at the IDIES 2023 for Best in Hospitality and Retail. Koby worked with Peggy Dye and Associates for 17 years before starting element526 in 2019. 

On May 26, 2019, one day before Memorial Day, Koby and his team watched their building burn to the ground. Within one week of the fire a temporary office space was secured, IT systems were set in place, and designers were back to serving clients. 

Less than one year later, the COVID-19 pandemic devastated businesses across the world - especially the hospitality industry. Koby and his team pushed through despite the difficult circumstances.