#6 Mary-Claire Brown | NCIDQ certification: Studying, Testing, and Why it’s Important

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In this episode, we sat down with Mary-Claire Brown, IIDA from TURNERBATSON to talk through NCIDQ certification.

This episode is a deep dive into the details of NCIDQ certification. Mary-Claire completed her certification within the last couple of years, so she has a fresh perspective on the process. She schooled me up on how to become certified, exam format, best practices for studying, and why it’s so important to consider NCIDQ as an interior designer.

If you’re considering NCIDQ certification or just need a resource to pass to others who are, you won’t want to miss this one.



NCIDQ Prep Resources:

IIDA-AL NCIDQ Prep Course - https://www.iida-al.org/calendar-even...

IIDA-AL: https://www.iida-al.org/

CIDQ Council for Interior Design Qualification: https://www.cidq.org/

IIDA Tuition Reimbursement Fund: https://iida.org/foundation/ncidq-tui...

NCIDQ Reference Manual: https://www.qpractice.com/shop/ballas...

Q Practice: https://www.qpractice.com/

FX Flash Cards: https://ppi2pass.com/ncidq-products/n...

PX Flash Cards: https://ppi2pass.com/ncidq-products/n...

Connect with Mary-Claire on LinkedIn:  / maryclairebennett  

TURNERBATSON - https://turnerbatson.com/