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Product & Packaging Information

24” x 24”
Colors Cotton, Oats, Skyline, Sand, Linen
Pcs / Box 2
Sft / Box 7.75
Lbs / Sft 9.44

Technical Specifications

Description Method Measurement
Thickness 0.8"
Water Absorption ASTM C373 ≤ 0.5%
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction BOT 3000 ≥ 0.42
Frost Resistance ASTM C1026 Resistant
Warpage (Edge) ASTM C485 ± 0.4% or 0.05"
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 ≥ 250 lbf
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 Not Affected

Shade Variation


Clearly distinguishable differences in texture and / or pattern with similar colors.