Noble is simply one of the best wood look tiles we have ever had in our product library. Versatile, elegant, and timeless - this collection fits well in retail and hospitality spaces. Noble is easy to clean and resistant to water, frost, acid, and sunlight fading. This collection can be installed on commercial floors and walls. Made in the USA and can quick ship!

Product & Packaging Information

8” x 40”
Colors Fir, Mesquite, Walnut, Juniper
Pcs / Box 6
Sft / Box 12.92
Lbs / Box 54.26
6” x 12” Cove Base
Colors Fir, Mesquite, Walnut, Juniper
Pcs / Box 20
Sft / Box 9.69

Technical Specifications

Description Method Measurement
Water Absorption ASTM C373 ≤ 0.5%
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 ≥ 400
Warpage (Edge) ASTM C485 ± 0.4% or 0.05"
Warpage (Diagonal) ASTM C485 ± 0.4% or 0.07"
Wedging ASTM C502 ± 0.25% or 0.03"
Frost Resistance ASTM C1026 Resistant
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 Resistant
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction BOT3000 ≥ 0.42

Shade Variation


Clearly distinguishable differences in texture and / or pattern with similar colors.