Frequently Asked Questions

Designers: Ordering Samples

No, all samples are shipped to Designers and Installers free of charge.

All Storka brand samples are shipped via UPS or FedEx.

Yes. You will receive a real piece of the product, not color swatches.

Actual samples sizes will vary depending on the particular manufacture and available stock.

Yes. Samples are hand selected to try and show the most accurate color range within each line.

We will try to ship all of your samples together, but sometimes we'll need to order in additional stock from our factories.

No. The samples are yours to keep.

Contractors: Ordering Material

Yes. We are a full service dealer, so all products we sell carry have a full manufacturers warranty.

No. All of the products we sell are first quality without exception.

Yes. We will update you via email each stage of your order. You can also contact our Support Team at any time to get an update - 800-891-2623.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, Cashier’s Checks, and Wire Transfers.

Yes. However, this only applies for customers within the state of Alabama.

Contractors: Shipping

The majority of our orders are palletized and shipped by a freight carrier such as Fedex Freight. Small orders may be shipped ground service by UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL.

It is calculated by the total weight of the shipment and the distance it will travel. You will find select items online that do qualify for free shipping. These items will have a free shipping banner associated with them.

We do offer a $25 same day processing fee and a $125 expediting fee. The expediting fee guarantees your material will leave the warehouse location within 2 business days. Not all products are eligible for our expediting service, so please contact one of our Sales Representatives if you are interested in this service - 800-891-2623.

There are rare circumstances where additional charges are necessary. The most common charges occur when ordering from multiple manufacturers, shipping to locations outside of the contiguous US, or locations that are deemed "metropolitan" by our carriers. You can read the full list of possible charges below. If you have questions, please contact one of our Sales Representative for an exact shipping estimate - 800-891-2623. They are happy to help!

  1. When ordering from multiple manufacturers there can be consolidation or multiple shipment charges.
  2. If a shipment is refused, it can cause redelivery fees.
  3. Shipments delivering into a large metropolitan area can be subject to metro fees.
  4. Shipments delivering to offshore locations such as Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard may incur ferry fees.
  5. Shipments outside of the contiguous United States.
  6. If an incorrect shipping address is given when ordering online.
  7. Terminal pickups that are not picked up in accordance with the terminal's definition of a "timely manner" (typically 3-5 business days).
  8. If you cannot be reached by a carrier to schedule a delivery in a "timely manner" (typically 3-5 business days).

No. However, we do work with many freight forwarders. Please contact one of our Sales Representatives for detail - 800-891-2623.

No. A physical address is required for all orders.

No, not at this time. We are currently working on a process to be able to offer this service.

Yes. We have a variety of carriers we work with and many terminal locations. We encourage you to call one of our Sales Representatives so that we can find the most convenient terminal for you - 800-891-2623.

>One of our main carriers is Fedex Freight. To view their terminal pick up locations near you, click here.

Once an order arrives at the nearby terminal, you have 3-5 business days to pick up your order before on-dock holding charges are applied.

Yes. Many of our products are available for warehouse pickup. Contact one of our Sales Representatives to see if the warehouse location is an option for you - 800-891-2623.

Yes, of course!

  1. Delivery hours from 8 - 5
  2. Commercial address with a dock high loading dock.

Most orders arrive in 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase. Longer time frames can be expected for non-stocking or special order items. Contact one of our Sales Representatives to discuss your specific needs and project timeframes - 800-891-2623.

Yes. You must be present at the time of delivery to inspect the material and sign for the shipment. However, if your order is shipping Ground Service you will not have to be present for delivery.

Freight shipments to the job-site will need the POC to be on site. Freight shipments to the home are curbside deliveries so you will need to be prepared to move the material into your home.

When a palletized shipment is delivered it will be unload at the street. For liability reasons, this is standard practice by all carriers. It will be your responsibility to move the material into the home. Many customers have their contractors help facilitate moving the material.

In this unfortunate circumstance we encourage you to contact our Logistics Department directly to see if they can help expedite your order - 800-891-2623. The carrier does have a “reasonable dispatch window” to deliver material, so we do not have legal right to file a claim for lost time, however, we will do anything we can to help.

  1. Make sure the pallet is intact.
  2. Cut the shrink wrap and visually inspect the cartons.
  3. Verify that you have received the correct material and quantity.
  4. If you find any damage, missing material, or incorrect quantities please note them in detail on the receipt with the driver. Do not refuse the material and contact us immediately with details of the shipment so we can resolve the the issues.

If you have damage, missing material, or incorrect quantities, please note them in detail on the receipt with the driver. Do not refuse the material. Accept the material and move it to a safe location. Contact us with details of the shipment and we will take the appropriate steps to resolve the the issue as quickly as possible.

Contractors: Tracking

Once you place an order, you will receive 3 emails from us with detailed order information.

  1. An Order Confirmation. You will receive this email immediately after you place the order.
  2. An Estimated Shipment Date. You will receive this email 1-2 days after your order is placed.
  3. A Tracking Number and the Carrier Information with an Estimated Arrival Date. You will receive this information the day after your order ships.

We will notify you through email with the Tracking Number, Carrier Information, and the Estimated Arrival Date. We recommend that you contact the Carrier directly to set up a delivery appointment when we provide the shipping information to you. If you do not call ahead of time, a Clerk with the Carrier will contact you once your material arrives at the local dispatch terminal to set up a delivery time.

If your material is shipping via Ground Service, we will provide the same information through email. You will not have to be present for delivery and the package will be left at your door. You will only need to contact us or the carrier if it is an issue to leave the package at your door.

Contractors: Returns

Yes. Please read the details of our return policy below:

  1. Returns are accepted on complete orders only.
  2. Returns are not allowed on material that has been installed. Material must be in the original unopened cartons.
  3. All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20% to 25%.
  4. Returns are not allowed after 30 days.
  5. Returns are not allowed for trim pieces, adhesives, underlayment, moldings, cleaning supplies, special order or non-stocking items.
  6. A return authorization number must be issued before you ship material back.

Yes. Usually a 20% to 25% restocking fee will apply to returns. This is a fee that is passed on from our distributors and manufacturers. Restocking fees will not apply to defective or damaged material that has been notated on the delivery receipt.

Stocking items can change frequently so we recommend you contact us to confirm whether or not your item applies - 800-891-2623. We are happy to help!

If you believe the material you received has a manufacturer defect, please call and speak with our claim specialist - 800-891-2623. Although these scenarios are rare, we handle defective product inquiries very seriously. The Process: You will need to provide photos outlining the defect. Our Claims Specialists will then work with the manufacturer to find a solution. Our goal is to resolve defective issues as quickly as possible, but it can take 1-3 business days in order to fully resolve. We do work diligently to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible!

Contractors: Cancellations

Yes. We understand that there are scenarios where you will need to cancel an order. For stocking items, you may cancel an order without penalty as long as your order has not shipped from our location. For special order items, they may only be canceled if we have not processed your order. We typically finalize orders within 1-2 business days, so please contact us immediately if you do wish to cancel your order - 800-891-2623.

For Special Order Products that have been processed or Stocking Items that have been shipped, there will be a 20% to 25% cancellation fee depending on the item. Please contact us for more details - 800-891-2623.

Contractors: Damage

Not Likely. 99.9% of all material arrives in perfect condition. If you do have damage, we have a quick and simple claims process.

No. When a shipment is refused, one of two things happens. The material is either shipped back to the carriers warehouse or it is redelivered to you. Both options will create additional charges. If you do have a problem with a shipment, please accept the delivery and contact us for instructions on how to proceed.

If you find damage, missing material, or incorrect quantities please do not refuse the shipment. Accept the shipment and note the issues in detail on the receipt with the driver. Contact our Claims Specialist with details of the shipment so we can resolve the issues as quickly as possible. You will need to submit a photo of the damage and answer a short questionnaire. Since we work with multiple manufactures they will have different policies on what will be done with the material. Your acceptance of the delivery is vital in our ability to reship new material at no charge to you.

If you find damage with your ground shipment please call us with details of the damage within 5 days. Please handle the items as little as possible and leave the material in their original boxes. We will work with you to get replacement material as quickly as possible.

You have 5 business days from the time you receive the material to look over the material and report damage. As long as you report the damage to us within 5 business days, we will be able to replace the broken material. Contact us today so that we can help you get the material you need to complete your job.

The claims process is very simple. We will need basic photos of the damage and we will have a short damage questioner we will email you. Claims usually take 1-2 days for approval.

Replacement orders always take top priority! We will work diligently to get you your material as quickly as possible!

Contractors and Designers: Privacy

We do not sell, trade, or rent customer information to anyone. Your information and email is strictly utilized for order correspondence and customer service.