Drew Goneke, CEO

In 1952, my grandfather started our company in Mobile, AL and my father joined him in 1980. Today, I’m fortunate enough to help our family business continue. We have been in business for over half a century because of a singular focus, the customer. We do our best to do the little things right and do them over and over again; living by The Golden Rule, calling people back, and genuinely meaning what we say. That’s who we aspire to be.

The big things matter too, so we source flooring materials in a way that brings high-end products to market at a value price. We offer dedicated account reps for professionals. Our website allows users to quickly find project solutions. And most importantly, we only hire people who obsess over service.

Growing up, I worked in the warehouse and don’t remember much about sales or how everything worked but I do remember one thing vividly, the sense of urgency we had when a customer’s project wasn’t going according to plan. As an adult, I’ve learned that not everyone takes that kind of ownership and that has inspired me to make customer experience the focus of South Cypress. We want to make your day a better day.

– Drew Goneke

Drew Goneke with Family