Serenity 2.5 mm 22 Mil


Serenity provides an exceptional value in luxury vinyl tile for residential and multi-family projects. Providing the natural beauty of wood with exceptionally realistic imaging, Serenity 2.5mm or 3mm glue down series is completely waterproof and has a 12Mil or 22Mil wear layer. Serenity 5mm LVT can be laid without adhesive and features an acoustical pad, underlayment and LVT providing IIC Ratings of 60-65 for superior sound abatement.

Product & Packaging Information

9” x 48”
Colors Pacific Heights, Marina, San Carlos, Mission, Walnut Creek, Mill Valley, Noe Valley, Orinda, Rockridge
Sft / Box 24

Technical Specifications

Description Standard Result
Squareness ASTM F2055 Passes: 0.010" max
Size and Tolerance ASTM F2055 Passes: ± 0.016 in. per linear foot
Thickness ASTM F386 Passes: Nominal ± 0.005"
Flexibility ASTM F137 Passes: ≤ 1.0", no cracks or breaks
Dimensional Stability ASTM F2199 Passes: ≤ 0.024 in. per linear foot
Static Load Limit ASTM F970 Passes: 1000 psi
Heavy Metal Presence/Absence EN 71-3 C Meets Spec. (Lead, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury and Selenium)
Smoke Generation Resistance EN ISO 9239-1 (Critical Flux) Results: 9.3
Requirements for Wear Group prEN 660-1
Thickness Loss 0.30 < I ≤ 0.60
 Volume Loss 7.5 < F ≤ 15.0
Slip Resistance ASTM D2047 Passes: > 0.6 Wet, 0.6 Dry
Resistance To Light ASTM F1515 Passes: ≙ E ≤ 8
Resistance to Heat ASTM F1514 Passes: ≙ E ≤ 8
Electrical Behavior (ESD) EN 1815 1997 2,0 kV when tested at 23 C + 1 C
Underfloor Heating Suitable for installing over under floor heating
Curling After Exposure to Heat EN 434 ≤ 2mm pass
Recycled Vinyl Content Approximately 40%
Recyclability Can be recycled
Floorscore Certified Floorscore Certified

Acoustical Properties

Test Basis Measurement Range
Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Attenuation of impact sound 51 - 60 (varies based on construction)
Sound Transmission Class (or STC) Attenuation of airborne sound 60 - 65 (varies based on construction)

Product Description

Description Measurement
Wear Layer 22 mil
Installation Method Glue Down
Warranty 15 Year Commercial; 25 Year Residential, Limited