Richmond combines the durability of porcelain and the beautiful look of wood. Richmond is a commercially rated tile!

Product & Packaging Information

6” x 36”
Colors London, Multishade, Upton, Marlowe, Harrow
Pcs / Box 8
Sft / Box 12
Lbs / Box 52.8

Technical Specifications

Description Method Measurement
Thickness 10 mm
Water Absorption ASTM C373 ~ 0.5%
Scratch Hardness MOHS ≥ 7
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 ≥ 400 lbs.
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 Resistant
Coefficient of Friction - Dry ANSI 137.1 ≥ 0.42

Shade Variation


The amount of colors on each piece of tile will vary significantly, but one tile will be indicative of other tiles.