Powder is one of our favorite private label collections! These wall tiles feature a crackle finish, created by a specialized crazing glaze that creates tiny cracks. Powder comes in the following sizes: 2.5x10, 2.5x10 with chevron edges, 5x5, and 10x10. This collection also features a matte finish for the elongated subway size, 2.5x10. This product is glazed by hand at the factory in Italy. The best of the best!

Product & Packaging Information

2.5” x 10” Crackle & Matte
Colors Wool, Snow
Pcs / Box 60
Sft / Box 10.98
Lbs / Box 38.36
Colors Wool, Snow, Fog, Mist
Pcs / Box 60
Sft / Box 10.98
Lbs / Box 38.36
0.4” x 8” Bullnose Demi / Demi Crackle
Colors Snow, Wool, Mist, Fog
Pcs / Box 12
Lbs / Box 0.85

Technical Specifications

Description Method Measurement
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 C373 > 10%
Stain Resistance ISO 10545-14 Class 4 (Crackle)
Class 1 (Matte)
Chemical Resistance ISO 10545-13 Class GLB (Crackle)
Class GLC (Matte)
Craze Resistance ISO 10545-11 Resistant (Crackle)

Shade Variation


Differences among pieces from the same production run are minimal.